Meet Blaze, an affectionate canine with a penchant for toys, particularly his prized possession—a pink, plushie dinosaur. Described by his owner, Reddit user Itsssean, as a dog who proudly carries his toys like trophies, Blaze is quick to grab one whenever he’s excited or greeting someone.

However, Blaze’s love for toys attracted an unexpected visitor one day. While Itsssean was at home with Blaze, he noticed something intriguing happening outside. Blaze had momentarily left his cherished dinosaur toy on the patio while he went indoors for breakfast. To his surprise, a local squirrel seized the opportunity and began playing with the abandoned toy.

“I peeked out back, and that’s when I realized what was happening,” Itsssean shared. “It was the first time I had ever seen something like this.”

The squirrel appeared to be thoroughly enjoying herself, indulging in the playful interaction with Blaze’s toy. Despite the unusual sight, Blaze seemed unperturbed by the squirrel’s antics. Perhaps recognizing that he wasn’t using the toy at that moment, Blaze displayed a surprising level of tolerance.

Itsssean noted, “You can tell what a sweet dog Blaze is by the fact that he’s eating and minding his own business, even though there’s a critter playing with his toy outside. That kind of tells you everything you need to know about him.”

This amusing encounter highlights Blaze’s easygoing nature and the unexpected friendships that can form, even between a dog and a playful wild visitor.

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