In a heartbreaking announcement, Chris, the owner of Olivia the Corgi, one-half of the beloved “Hammy & Olivia” doggy duo, shared the devastating news of her passing at the age of 8. Emotionally recounting her recent health emergency, Chris tearfully revealed that Olivia peacefully left this world after struggling with an inability to empty her kidneys. He and his partner, Sarah, faced the difficult decision to euthanize her, emphasizing that they wanted to spare Olivia from any further suffering.


Expressing the profound impact of Olivia’s passing, Chris conveyed the family’s deep sorrow, emphasizing that Olivia was not just a pet but his best friend. He urged fellow pet owners to cherish their furry companions a little extra, recognizing the profound bond shared with these beloved animals.


Hammy and Olivia gained widespread fame in 2020, captivating audiences with their entertaining videos featuring hilarious costumes and comedic sketches. Their popularity extended beyond the online realm, as the duo, along with Chris and Sarah, made appearances on notable platforms such as “Access Hollywood” and various local news programs in Los Angeles. Their collaborative effort also resulted in the creation of a dog food cookbook titled “Barkcuterie.”

The sudden loss of Olivia marks the end of an era for the dynamic canine pair, leaving fans and followers mourning the departure of this beloved furry friend.

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