For many, dogs are cherished members of the family, but sadly, not everyone shares this sentiment.

Abandoning a pet is undeniably cruel, but opting to euthanize two otherwise happy and healthy dogs due to mere inconvenience is a stark and distressing form of cruelty.

In June 2018, a heartbreaking situation unfolded in Indiana, USA, when a man brought his two beloved dogs, Cosmo and Sam, to a local vet clinic with a request to euthanize them.

Cosmo, a small Labrador Retriever mix, and Sam, a Pointer, were senior dogs who had lived happily with their owner for nearly a decade. Despite being sweet, happy, and in good health, their owner decided to part with them because his girlfriend, allergic to dogs, was moving in, and he felt they no longer fit into their lifestyle.

Rather than exploring other options, such as finding a new home or surrendering them to a shelter, he opted for what’s known as “convenience euthanasia” – a decision to end pets’ lives due to their perceived inconvenience to the owner.

Fortunately, the vet at the clinic refused to carry out the euthanasia, recognizing that Cosmo and Sam were healthy and did not deserve such a fate. “None of us want to end a pet’s life unless it is to prevent suffering,” the vet stated.

Instead, Cosmo and Sam found refuge at Begin Again Rescue Co (BARC), a foster-based, nonprofit dog rescue in Valparaiso, Indiana.

Cosmo and Sam’s journey from heartbreak to finding their forever home was filled with hope and compassion.

Initially devastated by abandonment, the support of dedicated volunteers at BARC helped them regain their spirits. Gradually, they began eating, playing, and showing their true personalities once more.

Despite being a bonded pair of senior dogs, finding a permanent home proved challenging. After several months without success, they were transferred to P.A.W.S. Tinley Park, a no-kill shelter in Illinois, for further assistance.

In a heartwarming turn of events, Cosmo and Sam found their new family in early December 2018. Eric and Tiffany Dybas, who had recently experienced the loss of their own beloved dog, were moved by Cosmo and Sam’s story and decided to adopt them.

In a celebratory Facebook post, BARC expressed gratitude to P.A.W.S. Tinley Park, announcing, “Sam and Cosmo are laying on a comfy couch tonight! They were so good when they visited Santa and now their Christmas wish came true! They have a home!”

According to reports from the shelter, Cosmo and Sam are thriving in their new environment, where they are cherished, spoiled, and loved unconditionally.

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