The bitter cold of St. Louis winters can be unforgiving, especially for animals left to fend for themselves. Thanks to the tireless efforts of Stray Rescue of St. Louis (SRSL), abandoned pets like Eskimo Joe find hope amidst despair.

A Desperate Rescue

Amidst their routine searches, SRSL rescuers stumbled upon an abandoned house, where they discovered Eskimo Joe—chained to a doghouse amidst frozen conditions. Donna Lochmann, moved by his plight, knew immediate action was needed.

Liberating a Soul

With compassionate resolve, SRSL swiftly freed Eskimo Joe from his chains, offering warmth and safety in Donna’s Jeep. His eyes reflected gratitude as he embarked on his journey to recovery, leaving behind the harsh realities of neglect.

Embracing New Beginnings

Under SRSL’s care, Eskimo Joe received veterinary attention and was diagnosed with heartworm—treatable and manageable with proper care. Despite his past hardships, Eskimo Joe’s gentle demeanor won hearts, leading to a loving foster home.

Finding Hope and Love

Now flourishing in foster care, Eskimo Joe has blossomed into a polite and affectionate companion. His foster family adores his sweet nature and is dedicated to finding him a forever home, where he can continue to thrive and explore life’s joys.


Eskimo Joe’s resilience and the unwavering dedication of SRSL exemplify the transformative power of compassion. From the depths of abandonment to the warmth of a loving foster home, Eskimo Joe’s story reminds us of the enduring spirit of animals and the profound impact of rescue efforts.

Eskimo Joe’s Forever Home Awaits

As Eskimo Joe awaits his forever family, he continues to inspire with his gentle spirit and unwavering hope. With each passing day, he grows stronger, proving that every dog, regardless of past hardships, deserves a chance at happiness and love.

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