Some pups seem destined for luck.

This stray pooch, determined to find a loving home, boldly wandered onto a naval base, where he caught the eye of a U.S. Naval Commander who knew he couldn’t leave the pup behind.

Griffon Decided He Doesn’t Want the Life of a Stray

Griffon, a brave 6-month-old stray, boldly approached the base, winning over the Commander and his companions. Recognizing the pup’s need for a safe home, the Commander scooped him up, embodying their unit’s motto, “Those who arrive alive, leave alive.”

A New Life Begins

Griffon’s arrival delighted everyone on the base. His courage and charm quickly won them over, making him a beloved figure. The Commander, originally from Maryland, decided to bring Griffon home, where his family eagerly awaited the pup’s arrival.

Griffin’s Safe Journey Home

Thanks to donations to Paws of War, Griffon was safely transported to Maryland. Reunited with the Commander, Griffon now enjoys a loving home, serving and protecting his new family just as his human dad does.

A Heartwarming Journey

Griffin’s journey from a stray to a cherished family member is a heartwarming reminder of the power of determination and the kindness of strangers.

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