There are very few activities that are both as relaxing and as exciting as roaming the great outdoors. Whether you are an avid lover of nature or simply need an escape from an everyday routine, taking a camping trip can fit the bill on all parts.

Although you can choose to get away on your own, going camping with a group of friends can allow for both quality time with loved ones and fun group activities, there are also many activity ideas that can be done whether you choose to go on a solo camping trip or with a group.

Here are some activity ideas you may want to keep in mind the next time you plan a camping trip.

#1. Take a Hike

One of the best parts of the natural world is the scenic views it provides, and what better way to soak in and enjoy said scenery than with a hike?

Hiking provides not only a hands-on manner to experience the sounds and smells of the great outdoors, but it also helps people develop mindfulness as they take in the beauty of nature and all of its wonders, brining many people back to the roots of human nature.

Aside from the mental and spiritual benefits that hiking provides, there are also many physical benefits. Hiking is a great way to increase balance and lower blood pressure as well as being a great form of cardio.

Whether you are an expert at hiking or have never hiked in your life, talking a long walk in nature is always a new experience each time you partake in it.

#2. Go Kayaking 

Planning to go camping during the summer and already trying to think of ways to cool off? Then grab a kayak and try exploring the lakes and rivers that surround many popular camping sites.

Kayaking can be viewed as the aquatic version of hiking, as it provides a unique manner of exploring mother nature and all it has to offer plus it doubles as a great workout.

If deemed safe, you may ever take a quick swim in the cool waters in order to refresh and reset for the rest of your camping adventures. Here are some best kayaks you may need.

#3. Go fishing 

If you want to try something less fast-paced than kayaking but still involving water, then you should grab a fishing pole and try out the great pastime of fishing.

Many view fishing as one of the most relaxing activities to partake in, as you sit in still waters and enjoy the natural senses of fresh air and the sounds of nature. It also is a fun way to get back to the natural human roots of fishing for food.


This is one of the few activities that many people miss out on when living in big cities, so if you find yourself near some decent sized body of water, consider either rowing out on a canoe or just sitting on the side of the lake.

#4. Try archery 

If you really want to try something daring and thrilling on your camping trip, you should add archery into your plans.

Archery allows you to bring out your competitive side in nature as you aim at targets and use skill and precision to reach your goal. Archery goes way back in history in many ancient civilizations as it has been used as a test of focus, coordination, patience, and at times, superiority.


Nowadays we can find some good climbing tree stands available online. These stands are very good to have a birds eye view from the top and also very stable. You can take your and concentrate on your target and finally can take your shot.


Archery is an activity that you can do to test your own skill or go up against others in a competition for greatness. There are also those who enjoy the sport of bow hunting, which requires great skill and very top-notch archery equipment. 

So, whether you are an expert camper or a total novice, camping has the unique trait of being able to feel like a new experience to everyone regardless of their outdoor background.

While sleeping under the stars is a great activity to look forward to at night, there are many ways to incorporate new activities during the day that can maximize your experience in the great outdoors.

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