Marshmallow guns have been a staple in most camping trips. Even I had my own which I played with my friends back when I was just a wee little camper. I actually prefer a marshmallow gun to an actual airsoft gun. At least with the marshmallow shooter, I’m able to further lower the dangers commonly attributed to airsoft guns. Plus, the ammo is delicious, to say the least.

I actually made a couple of marshmallow guns for my kids just for fun. There are two variations that you can make; the standard blowgun style or the air compressed one which is more powerful. The compressed air powered marshmallow shooter is way more complicated though. For now, I’ll teach you how to make the standard marshmallow gun using the simplest and easiest method.

How to Make a Marshmallow Gun?

First off, let me teach you how to make the simplest one. This marshmallow gun version is powered by blowing air into a tube connected to the shooter. You blow on it hard which will then propel the marshmallow forward.

Step 1: Cutting the PVC Pipe

Start preparing the PVC pipe by cutting them into their appropriate lengths. You should end up with one 7-inch pipe and five 3 inch pipes. For kids out there, please don’t do this without the supervision of an adult.

Step 2: Assembling the Marshmallow Gun

Now it’s time to put them all together. This might get a bit confusing to write down but I’ll try to simplify the steps as much as possible. We will start at the handles and work our way up:

There you have it. A simple marshmallow gun that you can do in a matter of minutes! In order to fire a marshmallow simply load one into the mouthpiece, seal it using your lips, and give it a good blow of air and watch the marshmallow fly off.

Yes, the marshmallow travels through that bend and out the barrel. This actually gives it the momentum it needs to blast off. If you load the marshmallow on the barrel end it will most likely just drop off. I have also included a video below from The Haddocks if you need a visual reference:

Tips to Remember when Playing with a Marshmallow Gun

First of all, always wear protective goggles. As soft as a marshmallow is, it will still hurt a lot if it hits you directly in your eye. Be sure to not aim at anyone’s face who do not have any protective eyewear. You should also make sure your marshmallow ammunition is kept in an airtight package. Dry marshmallows that have been left out in the open are not as effective as fresh ones straight out of the package.

Always pick up the marshmallows on the floor. Even if you are outdoors it is important to never leave it littering around. Be responsible even with the little things in life.

Marshmallow Gun for Camping and Outdoor Games

One of the reasons I chose to make a marshmallow gun for my kids is because it is fun, plain and simple. It is also quite affordable and, as I have pointed out above, extremely easy to make. It is also safer than other projectile based toys like airsoft and pellet guns. While safety should still be part of this activity, you can fire a marshmallow gun at your friends and pets without the risk of injuring them.

With the added advantage of being affordable, the main ammunition is also readily available in all grocery stores. You won’t really need to go to any kind of specialty shop to get marshmallows. You do need to be aware of the diameter of your PVC pipes and the actual size of the marshmallow.

Operating the marshmallow gun is also simple that children will have no problem playing with it. Just reload and blow as hard as you can on the mouthpiece and watch the marshmallow soar through the air. This is pretty much the less disgusting version of the crumpled paper blow dart you made as a child. Blow on the mouthpiece as hard as you can, the more powerful the marshmallow will blast out. Simple, right?

If your kids want to play a game of paintball, a marshmallow gun is the safest alternative. You can play a game of marshmallow gun capture flag. Or a marshmallow gun game of tag. I usually play with my dog by blasting off a marshmallow, kind of like fetch. However, do not feed your dog too much. One or two pieces of marshmallow are enough.

As you can see, marshmallow guns are a fun way to bond with family and friends. Making it is half the fun as well. I usually leave the assembling to my kids. It gives them a sense of accomplishment once they are able to complete the assembly. Plus, the enjoyment they get once they fire their first marshmallow projectile is priceless.

Safety Precautions when Playing with the Marshmallow Gun

Now, even though this uses marshmallows as its primary ammunition does not mean you can just simply fire it at anyone. You need to be responsible with how you use this as the marshmallow will be propelled out of the shooter at a significant force. You can still injure someone if it hits them in the eye.

Playing around with the marshmallow gun should also come with the proper safety precautions. Use protective eye coverings when operating this homemade toy. If you are planning on playing with a couple of marshmallow guns then make sure everyone has safety goggles. This can be a great and fun camping game for kids but their safety should never take a back seat.

Also, it would be best to play this game outside in order to avoid indoor accidents. And if you are going to play a game of marshmallow warfare outside then please do not leave fired marshmallows on the ground. Always clean up afterward. Any leftover marshmallows that wind up on the side of the road will attract animals in the area. This might lead to them getting run over by vehicles or in the worst-case scenario, cause a vehicular accident.

Final Thoughts

While marshmallow guns are practically safe to play with, adult supervision is still recommended for the little ones. If you are planning on a camping trip with your kids then surprise them by making each a marshmallow shooter and give them a pack full of these sweet treats. You can play a game of marshmallow tag, target practice, or a game of fetch where one player tries to catch the marshmallow with their mouth. It’s all up to you, just remember to always be safe.

If you have anything else to add then don’t think twice about commenting it below. Remember to share this with other campers if you found it helpful and interesting!

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