If you are a travel enthusiast, there will be times when you dream of having an RV. And this article will help to answer your question of “How to choose the right RV for you.”

RV stands for Recreational Vehicle, or “home care,” because the space on the car is designed as a comfortable house that can move anywhere. It developed with a passion for traveling, and recently, RV is increasingly popular worldwide.

How Many Types of RV?

4 types of RVs will be explained below: 

RV Class A

RV Class A has a length of 9 to 14m, almost the same as an extensive bus. It uses a Gasoline engine or diesel engine. And, of course, the vehicle’s body is designed specifically for interior decoration. The car has all the functional space of a typical house, such as the living room, kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. The vehicle has a modern and compact electric and water system.

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RV Class B (Van Camper)

Class B is from 6 meters to 8 meters long. There is often no division between the cabin and the living area. However, you can still find on the car kitchen, bathroom, compact bed. The driver’s seat and slide chair can be rotated backwards to from a chair of a desk or dining table. On a small scale, RV class B is suitable for families of 4 or fewer members.

RV Class C (Mini Motorhome)

One unique characteristic of RV class C is that the hood has a cad-over bunk device. Chassis is designed based on heavy transport chassis, with a length of 6 to 13 meters, weighing from 4.5 to 6.8 tons. Like class A, the car has all the living space like an ordinary house, but it is lighter.

The Trailer

The Trailer is a wheeled home with all equipment and utilities but does not have an engine. Instead, you have to use other truck or a large container tractor, or even a large SUV. Common trailer brands in the US are Cherokee, Freedom Express (Coachmen), Hi-Lo, Sun Valley, Tango, Trail Manor.

How to Choose the Right RV for You?

Here are a few criteria that will help you choose the right RV that you need. Let’s take a look: 

What is Your Budget?

Last but not least, the essential that you have to ask to find out the best RV for you is budget. So, how much can you spend on your new RV?

First of all, please remember that you are buying a car and a house at the same time. So please don’t think that it could be cheap. And since it is a valuable property, we suggest that you should invest more money in an excellent quality product to provide a safe and comfortable journey. Besides, you will not need to spend money on your RV maintenance in the future.

A new RV Class A is not cheap

So, if you are in a unique financial situation, there is nothing to worry. You only need to focus on functions and features. But your budget is so small that you can’t buy a new class, A or C, you can buy used. Just ask professionals, so they will help you buy the right RV at a low price.

How to Select the Best RV Tires?

To choose the right RV, we think the most critical component that you should put into consideration is the tire. When talking about RV tires, please note that it has to be a professional tire but not the normal one that you always see since it has to handle a hefty body.

So if you want to find the RV with the best tires, we suggest that you should ask a professional or who has in-depth knowledge to come with you. They will help you find out which is the best quality product.


However, if you don’t have any friends, you can select the right RV tires by checking the production year. Since 2000, all the RV tires have to have Tire Identification Number which starts with DOT and follow by some numbers. And you can check the last four digits to find out the “date of birth.”

So, for the tire, the older is worse, and the younger is better. Rubber wipes out and breaks down easily with times, so a new-produced tire is always a plus when looking for the best RV for you.

Select the size of the RV

Well, you must have a plan for your destinations before you decide to purchase an RV. Because the goal will determine the size of the RV that you will buy.

So, if you love a spacious and open area like statewide or national park systems, you should know that most of them are not for a big RV. So, for a place like a national park, you should select an RV which is less than 35 feet. If you ask, we suggest that you should choose a 32 feet RV or even under 32 feet.

Inside a Class C Review

For a public park, it is always very crowded, so the best choice is a small travel trailer for secure parking. We all want to have a travel in a full- amenity RV like a class A., But not all the parks are RV- friendly. However, if you want to discover the forest near the tows, class A is the right choice.

So, how to choose the right RV for you? Please note that the smaller it is in size, the easier it is to park, but the tighter it is for living, and vice versa.

Will you always on the move or will you stay most of the time in some places?

So, the next step to answer your question of how to choose the right RV for you is journey identifying. Will you always on the move or will you prefer stay in some places?

The bigger your RV, the more fuel it will take on the way. So if you plan to move most of your journey, you have to select the one with moderate size and ample fuel space. And if you already have an ideal destination for camping, you will need an RV that meets all of your daily living needs.

Besides, we suggest that you should select an RV with solar capabilities and large holding tanks. It will be excellent for energy saving but remain superb living-quality for you. Once you know what your priorities are, you will easily find your best RV.

How many people will you travel together?

It is easy to understand that you have to answer this question before buying an RV. Because traveling is discovering and relaxing, we think you don’t want your baby to hustle in a small area. So here are some questions that you have to answer:

  • How many family members will you go together?
  • How many pets will you want to go together?
  • How many children and adults are on your journey?
  • Where will they sleep, where will your children study?

If you have children, you should consider a bunkhouse-style RV for summertime. But if they have to stay inside regularly, a class A or Class C are the best options. Remember that many RV park has a rule on children and pets; you should check out carefully before coming.

Final Words

So, above is our recommendation and suggestion for your question of “how to choose the right RV for you.” We hope that after reading this article, you will confidently find out the best RV for your incoming journey.

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