“I want to camp so long that I forget all my passwords” – What a nice quote, isn’t it? When I am not on the trail, I love reading books, notes and enjoying the sunset. One of my favourite note is my little old notebook called “The Freedom Spot”. I named it for fun but it’s true that I did save some of my favorite collected funny camping quotes about outdoors & adventures. It’s all about “getting out & exploring”! This article​ is the best shot I think​ to share the collection of 30 quotes to my beloved readers with some wonderful typography pics from my dearest companion. Hope you all like it, cheers!

Funny camping quotes are camping quotes that are not only funny / sarcastic but meaningful & inspirational as well. Although the quotes might sound a little too emotional or unesscessarily profound, I hope they will be your guide in mind whenever you are camping or hiking or going outside. Let’s get started!

#1. “Retirement is not The End of The Roads. It’s The Beginning of The Open Highway.”

​This is my all time favorite quote. You know that I’ve been retired for nearly 5 years now (since the moment I decided to quite my job at the factory) to become a full-time blogger. The first thing that came to my mind was going back to my hometown with my parents in a farm. But no, th​at was not the new beginning that I’​d ever wanted. The open highway ​was just ​calling and waving me on the other side, waiting for me to take the chance.

Then, I took the trail, ​went to plenty of places, me​t people, d​id various part-time job to maintain normal life along with a small saving account at the bank. The dream is to go and I did it quite successfully until my bank account didn’t have a penny left. Then I started this site, sharing and building online bu​siness to keep going and exploring. You see, a whole new life has opened for me and I am glad to have it right now!

#2. “Kids don’t Remember Their Best Day of Television!”

​”Kids, you will never miss your … iPhone, iPad, MacBook, … again!” – This is how the quote needs to be these days. TV seems a little ‘ancient’ to them now. This quote is actually for somebody at my time when watching TV was something the kids would fight​ for.

Taking the kids outside is always the compulsory task for parents in the technology age in order not to make your kids feel isolated & disconnected from the big nature world. People from the ancient time used to live by the forest and ​​shelter in caves. To admit our origins, we belong to the nature and by keeping reminding the young generation about that is the good way for us to be ourselves at any time. 

I know getting your kids away from the phone is hard but it worths trying. I have no cell phone (yeah you can consider me poor :D) so that my kids has nothing to ask me when he is bored. The only thing he ask is: “Dad, can I go outside?” – “Sure, stay close, son!” – I answer. This is the one-way benefit that can never go wrong cause the kid will soonly adapt. Change their behaviour when they are young.

#3. “We Must Take Adventures In Order To Know Where We Truly Belong.”

This is absolutely right! You might belong to the roads, you might belong to somewhere on the road you go. It makes sense all the way through when it comes to finding your own self. You need to go when you are young, when your soul is fresh and everything is new to you. The fascinating feeling of having an adventure rises inside you, it’s thrilling and exciting and energetic. I have been through that, really, you need to capture those feelings, too!

#4. “Sometimes, You Find Yourself In The Middle of Nowhere. But Somtimes, In The Middle of Nowhere You Find Yourself.”

​I love quotes that have sense of rhythm, like this one! In some moments of your adventurous life, you will find yourself lost in nowhere. There is no one and merely nothing but the nature. Do you know what the worst thing a man can do is? It’s to be alone. Everyone wants to get busy, they need to do this, then do that, the feeling of having free hands obsesses people all the time that they have to find some work to do. 

So when you are at nowhere and you feel sad, scared, worried, etc. That is not the right mood! If you really g​et lost ​in a dangerous zone / area, you will possibly be scared the sh*t out but it’s not what I’m talking about. That time you have will be the perfect time to discover yourself, to sit still and breathe slowly and enjoy the moment, the time, the scene there. One last advice, you should learn how to meditate!

#5. “I Haven’t been Everywhere, but It’s on My List.”

Haha  This one is sarcastic. “It’s on my list, you douchbag :D” – “I’m sure that I’ll go”. This depends on the conditions everyone has. Some can quit their jobs right away to make their dreams come true, some are fine with their temporary jobs that keep​ them on the road and then go back to work and repeat, some might do as freelancers but there are people who commit to their full-time jobs, young kids and sick parents behind. Not everyone can go, so they put everything on the list, to keep on their minds of once being a free-soul-wannabe and at the end of their life, they will do it no matter what.

#6. “May The Forest Be With You.”

​Th​is is the more common version​: “May the ​force be with you!”. The sentence has the meaning of wishing somebody good luck. “May the forest be with you!” is more than that I guess  Not only wishing you good luck, but having a wonderful time with the nature as well. Once again, this is for you who read this article: “May the forest be with you!” 

#7. “I’m In Need of A Country Night With A Bonfire, Good Music, Great Friends and A Million Stars.”

This is the scene I picture myself so many times when I’m about to go to sleep just to wake up for work in the next morning. I remembered that many times my inner self recalled me of the wonderful days before when I slept among the stars. My friends used to play the guitar and the flute very well and that made the good old days!

#8. “I Have Many Problems … Camping Solves Them All.”

This is the funny quote. I do have the old version of this one: “I have many problems … Camping ain’t one” but to be honest, I love this version the most. It shows the dominance of camping in my life which can be my saviour any time.

#9. “Home Is Where You Park It.”

​Your home is your vehicle. Someone has a whole big RV to spare but all you need is a mid-size old truck. You can pack some ​fundamental things in just a few couples of hours to start camping right away. Wherever you park it, it will be your new home!

#10. “There Is No Wifi In The Forest, But I Promise You Will Find A Better Connection.”

​Wifi is well-known today as the modern device to make the world flat. The story is old enough these days when the controversial debate between “easier connection” and “real connection” was raised. I am on the “Real Connection” side because I think you might meet less people, less chats, less information than your news feed but your friendlist will be real. You need a few real friends more than a bunch of “social passers-by” who just randomly see your status / tweet and drop a senseless comment/ reaction.

#11. “It’s Not Where You Go. It’s Who You Go With.”

​This is the matter of who you should spend time for. It’s now the right moment for you to ask yourself who really is important to you? Someone worths your time also takes you into account. It’s the best time to find yourself and strengthen relationships.

#12. “Stress Is Caused From Not Camping Enough.” 

​Sure this! The ultimate cause of stress is by not having enough camping time. Camping, Hiking, Trekking, … all kinds of stuff are good for your mental health, especially for heavy mind worker. Taking a short trip at the weekend is advisable and completely applicable.

#13. “Eat – Sleep – Camp – Repeat !!!” 

This is how my life sounds like. Not 100% ​theoretically but in some way, it’s true. This month I’m in L.A, next month I’m in Missouri, I take a short break by going fishing and then I move on. Taking a full breath of the big wide world is always the hardest and ​longest journey which I love the most. 

#14. “If It Involves Sitting By A Fire, Count Me In!” 

​Yeah, with a couple of beers and some grub. Damn good! Count me in the campfire stories and singing part, too. I enjoy most of the time by the fire with those activities. I love some deep talk, some sharing as well and sitting by the fire wth greasy grub can bring all that in. 

#15. “Camping Is The Answer. Who Cares What The Question Is?” 

I am so stressed, what am I gonna do? My kid is naughty, being a mom is no easy. Where is my normal relaxing life? I have a ton of work at the office, how can I get away from that? … Many questions in daily life, you know the answer 

#16. “There Is No Place Like Home Except For The Camper.” 

My brother’s son is studying at the university and in his freshman year, he f​elt so homesick that he cried every night. I told my nephew: “You have the camper blood running through your vains. Be brave, my man! No place like home but campers are the exception!”. You might want to be safe and goin’ in & out your house all the time, like it’s your own kingdom but for any campers, this big world is your only shelter.

#17. “Of All The Paths You Take In Life, Make Sure A Few Are Dirt.” 

​Mostly everybody chooses ​his/her own path in the​ early 20s. Some are right, some are not, some might be a change for a whole life, some don’t make any changes, … Anyway, the path you choose may undergo many difficult circumstances, you may find the way to the wild to free yourself from what you are doing. Though it may contain dust & dirt, it will be the crucial part of your journey.

#18. “Here’s To The Nights That Turned Into Mornings With The Friends That Turned Into Family.” 

​I went on a camping site trip with strangers on my way to Illinois. They are the young cool crew from the South of America who went across the country to find themselves. They gave me a lift to the campsite and we stayed there for the night before the journey ahead in the next day. I found out they were quite a band  They sang, danced, 2 guys could play the guitars and 1 more played the flute​. We cheered up together around the bonfire of the night, a late night.

I remembered the moment we all woke up, we started the vehicle right away and we kept on singing along the way. Until we arrived, I realized it might be the last time we met. I was so sad, the feeling is the same when you say good bye to an old friend at the airport and will never see him again until the end of next year. The night and the campfire turned us into friends, I didn’t know when

#19. “It’s Impossible To Walk In The Woods and Be In A Bad Mood At The Same Time.” 

​True! That can’t happen at the same time. You can never be under pressure when walking down the path with trees and fresh air around. Or you may find yourself pathetic somewhere dark and breathless, not in the woods. This quote reminds me of the good days when I was in the forest in Norway. That was my wonderful time abroad when it was also near Christmas.

#20. “I’m Ready For Green Grass, Warm Days & Campfire Nights.” 

​I’m always ready for it. You should have this spirit, too. Like the quote I mentioned before, count me in if there are bonfire and late-night talks with friends. Right now, I’m imagine about it which is awesome!

#21. “I Want to Camp So Long that I Forget All My Passwords.” 

​I had to spend nearly an afternoon to recover all the password that I forgot. My social network accounts (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, …), my working accounts like Gmail, Hosting & Domain service accounts, … You can imagine a whole afternoon just to log into my recovery email account (which I kept the information in an old paper) and read emails and applied new password. That’s a nightmare to anyone on Earth. But after a month on the beach, I had to deal with that.

#22. “Who Need a House Up On a Hill When You Can Have One On Your Four Wheels & Take It Anywhere the Wind Might Blow.” 

Your house is on your four-wheel vehicle. You can be anywhere you want and be ready for any adventure ahead.

#23. “​If you don’t know where you are going, any road can get you there.”

​If you never feel lost in somewhere, you can never be surprised when the road takes you to some wonderful places. Whenever you need the motivation, you can have this quote.

#24. “I Love The World & I’ll Never Stop Exploring.” 

This is good for someone’s Instagram 

#25. “It’s a Huge World. Go Explore!” 

I spend 20 years so far now and it’s still not enough. I still have the Asia & Africa trip yet to make. I think it’s time for you to go now, asap, trust me!

#26. “Camping is not A Luxury, It’s A Necessity.” 

​You will be ​right in a thousand-star hotel, not the 5-star one. You will have all services for free and triple fun. Whenever you need to relax, the option is always there.

#27. “The Weather Outside is so Frightful, But My RV is so Delightful.” 

​This is the quote for your beloved RV which is with you on the road for most of your time. You can have it on the RV’s cover to show the people your pride. My friend’s got this on his and in the California Campsite, this makes many campers including me feel surprised & cheerful.

#28. “There Are 7 Days In A Week & Someday Isn’t One Of Them.” 

We call that “The Camping Day”. “The Camping Day” can also mean “The Camping Days”  It’s a non-stop process, which can continue as long as you want. Of course financial base is one of the factors that can run your vacation long enough but camping is quite cheap compared to other types of traveling so, be confident!

#29. “Think Outside! No Box Required …”  

“Think outside of the box” – That’s what your boss always obsesses you with and sorry, this time no box required. If you think the world is just a box, it’s alright but in my thought, it’s more than that! This big big world can never wait to be explored so you need to look quick and be free as soon as possible!

#30. “Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost.” 

Yeah, save the best for the last! I love this one the most. It shows my willingness and my passion to camping. Not all the people who travel along can be lost. You will find this thing by another, surprisingly. Don’t worry if you are lost, it’s challenging and adventurous.

Final Words

What a list! This is so lovely I have to say. I really love the feelings the quotes brings to me. It’s fresh, brand new and definitely inspirational. Do you want me to update some more interesting quotes in this article? What is your favorite line of all? Let me know in the comment section! Wish you all a nice day, cheers!

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